what makes an intriguing date?

Ding dong…echoed the door, a smartly dressed guy stood there waiting patiently. From His hairstyle a bob cut and nicely trimmed goatee it was so obvious to tell he was in his mid-twenties. He was that sort of a guy, you would love to put in front of your store to have a go’ at the female customers and you will realize within the shortest time possible that it works out so effortlessly. Before you know it, almost 70% of your customers will be ladies!

   The door opened, an exquisitely beautiful young lady emerged. She was wearing a pink jumpsuit, on her head a ‘legging’ held her long overflowing hair firmly, a very common and important garment for ladies’ hair these days.

        “Hello, how may help you?”

“Hello, Am Ted from the Winslav Gifts and Presents Agency, I have been sent to deliver these parcel to this address. Could you be Miss Maya Abbas?”

“Yes I am”. She answered nervously.

“Good then you would have to sign here…and here” he indicated.

 She hurriedly signed on the delivery form picked the present and bid the attractive messenger goodbye. She tried to shake and press firmly the gift box but she couldn’t easily tell what was inside. Curiosity gnawed her and later escalated to higher levels by pressure from her two friends and her sister. She finally tore the box apart.

   “It is such a lovely dress”. A friend acknowledged.                                                                                      

     “I love the details around your waist”. Lauded the other.

      “Can I have your life” envied the big sister.

Indeed the dress was magnificently beautiful, short silky and fitting perfectly. Whoever could be behind all that was someone who knew her very well, she thought. Her eyes caught a letter among the things sent, a letter is always meant to ice and warm, explain and clarify, soothe and relax the whole anxiety. Contents from the letter simple and soothing again is always meant to drive her to the moon and back thrice, awakening and confusing the good side of her.

The letter read:

Hi Mia

I knew you would look great in that dress, How about dinner this evening 1830hrs at Hotel Solitaire? I’ll send a car.

Love, Brad

Was that a question, one that you expect someone to say no, or to give out any sort of available excuse, or was it that type of a request that is usually skillfully scripted to force a yes?

The way the gift and the words in the letter have been presented, it posed a great dilemma to the lady. Most often ladies will find it difficult to turn away such requests due to guilt of having received a gift and not appreciating by being there physically, they will therefore tend to partially oblige to such request.

For instance, how does a lady feel around a guy when she wears a dress and accessories selected for her, will the confidence and ability to say no to some requests be derailed? Will it be like she’s tethered or trapped in a solitary confinement that she can only eat around the rope accepting anything thrown at her?

Someone will argue and especially ladies that they expect such standards from men, but what they fail to realize is that men can take advantage of that and consequently develop a delusional sense of confidence towards them. With that confidence they think they can do anything and go undeterred. The phrase “Real men should treat women with respect”, become music to their ears.

To some people the idea of a perfect date should always be in high end places topped with gifts and presents while to some they prefer cheap thrills. After all, dating is meant for communication to know, to understand and to rekindle the love between partners at all levels. That’s what the latter would think unregrettably.   

The idea of a wonderful date should always be consentional, at one’s own time and free will. If ladies have to be swept off their feet, as some men would put it, then give them room to make their own choices, let them be comfortable with what they choose to wear as this will give them confidence to cut off tongues licking in the wrong places or just to simply put off unnecessary and lustful demands.

Dating should be fun and full of surprises, it’s actually kinda cool if you’re expecting her while anxiously imagining “What is she wearing?” “Will she like the color of my suit?”” Is the cologne am wearing too strong?”

That bit of unawareness plus consent from the two partners promises to be the basic ingredients of a fascinating and interesting date the rest are just luxuries, not necessarily needed. But if they have to be there, then they are there to fine coat an already glistening wall.


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