Why Its Good For One Partner To be Humble In A Heated Argument

Arguments are common in most relationships, its actually a type of communication that helps to build and make the relationship grow into a formidable status. In fact i strongly recommend that whenever an argument arises in a relationship partners should take that opportunity to air out their differences in a more measured and mature way. What most partners do is that they all want to be listened and none is willing to be responsible for any misdoings thrown in their way, when this happens solutions can never be reached. Consequently, partners are forced to make hasty harsh decisions that after some few days they be like ” What was i thinking when i said that?” and soon enough you will be visiting your attorney to file a divorce or be moving out, leave alone experiencing lonely sleepless nights, unanswered calls and getting ‘blue-ticked’ in whatsapp .

Its really quite helpful to take a minute to recollect and calm down, so that you don’t lash out at your partner without thinking through what you want to say. This helps one to be able to listen and try to ascertain their partners motive. A heated argument will always lay bare the true intentions of partners in a relationship. I believe that underneath it all, men are usually trying to find women who will give them good sex, and women are usually trying to find men who will give them loyalty and commitment.

Being calm will help one to save a relationship that is in the rocks. Most partners during an argument dont actually mean what they say, statements like ” Its over” “I never wanna see you again” ” Am leaving” etc. Are usually the opposite of the intended meaning. Most especially if its coming from a lady, dude she doesn’t want it over neither does she want to leave and she wants to see you everyday in every possible moment in her life. So just dont play a victim too but “sit down be Humble” accept your mistake and even if she is wrong save that until the time she will be able to listen to you.


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